Household Users

Home Phone


We specialise in expanding and modifying home telephone wiring. Whoever your provider is.  If you have wires trailing through your property from your master socket, we can provide additional sockets. 

We can identify wiring faults or provide discreet wiring to tidy up any unsightly wiring.  More and more LCD TV's, DVD Players, Blu Ray machines and Games Consoles rely on regular internet updates to enhance user experience.  This also includes services such as BBC iPlayer, YouTube and Picasa.  We can fit additional sockets behind your equipment to facilite this. 

Broadband and ADSL Services,

Installation and Line Testing

Are you tired of your old broadband modem and want to share the internet wirelessly to your home devices like Xbox, iPhone, iPad and Printers?  We can install wireless routers onto existing BT based connections regardless of the Internet Service Provider.  We can also check line faults and service interruptions if you’re being let down by your supplier.


CCTV is becoming an increasingly effective method to deter (and detain) criminals.  We can supply CCTV observation systems to satisfy your exact needs.  From single cameras to multi camera systems, we can configure systems for remote viewing via broadband to your desktop, laptop or smart phone. 

Home Broadband


Whoever your Broadband provider is, sometimes they just put the phone line connection for the router in the most inconvenient place or you want it moving as you are re-arranging the furniture.

Whatever your requirements we'll provide the best solution.

Home Networking


Sometimes using WIFI at home just isn't enough for the broadband speed to your computer. Often, the WIFI signal just isn't strong enough to reach the furthest rooms of your home. We can provide fixed cabling for those who like to game online through their games console or PC.  This can be Cat5e or newer Gigalan Cat6 wiring.